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Opening Day!!!

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Attention all users of the softball diamonds at Peck Park


As we move into Phase 4, and as in the past, the City of Ottawa and City Rec Dept has granted OGFA Preferred Access/Control to the 4 softball diamonds at Peck Park.  What this means is OGFA has priority for field use and has the responsibility for upkeep of the fields. 

OGFA Travel teams have begun practice, following the State/Local social distancing guidelines.  They have scheduled some games in July, also.


Scheduling field use for practice:

Please contact OGFA scheduler, Chris McGill at 815-579-1135, to schedule use of the fields, for practice or games.  Those who have times scheduled and confirmed will have priority, regardless of league affiliation.  Instructions will be given, upon confirmed timeslot, for user responsibilities (i.e. raking, clean-up, etc.).


Scheduling field use for games:

See below for field rental rules and rental application.


Please adhere to the State/Local guidelines for social distancing and group activities.


Thank You


Refund Policy

If parents would like their daughters' player fees to rollover to next season, you don’t need to do anything at this time.  If you choose to roll over your fees to next year you will be exempt from the possible price increase if your child is moving up to the next age bracket.

If parents would like a full refund of player fees, please send an email to If you do not send an email, there will be no refund. Through email we can keep track of everyone who is requesting a refund

Requests must include:  Your daughters name
                                                      Your name
                                                      Team name


*****Deadline to request a refund in July 31,2020*****

League Age Groups

TBall League-Ages 5/6

Instructional League- Ages 7/8

11u League- Ages 9/10/11

14u League – Ages 12/13/14

IVGFA HS League- Any girl in H.S. up to age 18 on or before 12/31/2020





The Ottawa Girls Fast Pitch Association (OGFA) shall be operated for the betterment of the girls of the Ottawa and surrounding areas in order to learn the fundamentals of softball, learn good character building skills during critical growth years, while being part of a competitive team, encourage acquaintances and friendships among the players, parents, and coaches, and grow socially and mentally as a team player.



OGFA supports good sportsmanship in the interest and welfare of the players, coaches, parents, and fans. Good sportsmanship is the attitude and behavior that exemplifies positive support for the program. All players, coaches, parents, and fans are expected to demonstrate respect for others and display good sportsmanship at all times. OGFA has adopted a "Zero Tolerance Policy" to be enforced during all OGFA sponsored activities and events. Any person(s) demonstrating disrespectful or abusive conduct will be asked to leave OGFA sponsored activities or events. Repeat or flagrant acts could result in the removal of the program. In promoting the goals for establishing a safe, sports related environment, we strictly prohibit bullying or the act of bullying by any person(s) associated or affiliated with the OGFA. All known or suspected incidents will be investigated on a case by case basis. Person(s) engaged in bullying will be subject to one or more of the following disciplinary actions; meeting with parent/guardian(s), suspension, termination or referral to law enforcement agencies.